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imelda was born in manila, philippines in 1977. music was always in her life thanks to her mom and dad. after leaving philippines and even living in nigeria for a couple years, imelda finally made it to new york.

music continued to play a quiet roll in her life. when she was in 4th grade, she composed her first piano piece. at the age of 12 imelda started her curiosity with the guitar. at first her interest was based on an attempt to impress a cousin, but soon after she developed her own love for it. luckily there was a small spanish guitar that hung from her family's dining room wall. she learned the first song her cousin tried to show her by ear- dust in the wind.

imelda first started to write songs at the age of 15. however, it was two friends from school who convinced her to tape her songs and send them away. by the time she was a senior in high school, her friend maggie was convinced that she wanted to help imelda with her music. on november 4, 1995, they planned her first gig, a show that was held out of maggie's own basement in staten island. since then, the two have worked together to bring imelda's music out to anyone who wants to hear.

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